Medical Jobs That Only Require a Certificate

Medical Jobs That Only Require a Certificate

Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees are all costly and can take quite a long time to obtain. For those who are seeking a career that is in the medical field but does not require huge loans or long years of studying, a certification program can be the best route. We have compiled a list of medical jobs that only require a certificate along with their descriptions.

Be aware that some states do not require certification for these jobs, and some states require more than certifications. Research the law in your state before deciding on a program.

Certificate Programs for Medical Careers

EMT/Paramedic – This occupation requires someone who is quick thinking and can sustain a patient in an emergency situation until a hospital can take over. The job often requires long hours and complicated situations; however it is one of the most in-demand health careers in the US.

Dental Assistant – People in this job work to sterilize tools, complete X-rays, and assist the dentist during their work. They may also have some administrative duties, though they can generally have a flexible schedule.

Medical Assistant – MAs can work at the front disk doing administrative work, admittance, and billing – or work to assist doctors and nurses in administering IVs, shots, cleaning wounds, and giving general basic patient care.

Certified Nursing Assistant – This is a MA but with more responsibility and duties who works directly with a nurse to complete tasks. They can clean wounds and do other basic patient care.

EKG Technician – This occupation is responsible for performing electrocardiograms (EKGs) on patients. They can work in hospitals or private practices. Since EKG techs work with people all day, part of their job is to be a good communicator and be able to explain the EKG process to a patient.

Psychiatric Technician – These are mental health workers who provide care to people with mental illnesses or developmental disabilities. Generally, these people have the most frequent interaction with patients, administering care, medicine, observations, and treatments. They oversee the basic daily needs and activities of patients. Since the psychiatric field is so diverse, many technicians also specialize in something such as addictive disorders or geriatric care.

Pharmacy Technician – While a pharmacist disperses and discusses medication with patients, the pharmacy technician processes orders, fills and labels bottles, and sells the medication. They also perform administrative work for the pharmacy.

Medical Transcriptionist – This occupation requires a sufficient knowledge of medicine and treatment. They generally perform administrative tasks and complete and organize paperwork.

There are many other medical careers that only require certification or a diploma. Look into your local medical schools and see if anything is the right fit for you.

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