The Most In-Demand Medical Jobs

The Most In-Demand Medical Jobs

It’s a fact that humans will always need medical care. Every job from medical assist to surgeons will be needed to help people live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Unlike some professions, it’s a sure bet that medical jobs will always be needed. So what are the most in-demand medical jobs today?

The Most In-Demand Medical Jobs

Here is a list of the most needed healthcare occupations and a description of each.

Bachelor’s Degree JobsPositions that require at least a bachelor’s degree.

Registered Nurses – a registered nurse is needed in virtually any medical facility. They work to assist physicians, attend to patients, and work directly with every aspect of patient care.

Physical Therapists – These therapists can work in hospitals, private practices, or healthcare facilities. Their duties are to help injured, elderly, or disabled patients become more physically able.


Certification JobsPositions that require certifications or diplomas only.

In-Home Aides – Another term is “Caregiver”. These are aides that spend time in a patient’s personal home and help them by administrating medicines and assisting with daily tasks for patients who cannot live alone successfully.

Paramedics – These professionals are the first on the scene of an emergency medical call. They must be quick thinkers and be able to sustain patient injuries until they are taken to a hospital. Because of long hours and high burn-out rates, this position is in constant need of employees.

Dental Assistants – This position only requires certification and the responsibilities include x-rays, sterilization, administrative work, and other tasks to assist the dentist.

Medical Assistants – Medical Assistants, or MAs, do everything from billing to clinical tasks. They can administer IVs and assist nurses or physicians in any health care facility.

Medical Secretary – Depending on the employer, a medical secretary may only need certification or, in some cases, an associate’s degree. This position requires a thorough knowledge of medical procedures as well as excellent administrative skills to transcribe and create records.


On The Job TrainingMay vary by state, but usually only requires a medical background and a certain number of hours of in-facility training.

Pharmacy Technician – Not an actual pharmacist, but the person who count tablets, label bottles, complete administrative papers, and speak with patients about their orders. An average pharmacist needs 2 to 3 technicians at a busy pharmacy.

Medical Records Technician – This position usually requires knowledge of administrative work along with an understanding of basic medical procedures. This occupation entails keeping track of and organizing sensitive patient files and records, both physical and electronic.


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