Advice for Humanity Major Applying to Medical School

Advice for Humanity Major Applying to Medical School

A decade ago this would be impossible but now people seem to be thriving in a world that was exclusive to those that studied biological degrees.
That’s not to say there aren’t inherent pitfalls that some with applying to medical school with an undergraduate degree in the humanities.

That said, it has been done and experts believe they add something to the table when they finish their studies and enter the field as medical experts.
The thought might have crossed your mind that quoting Shakespeare in your application might not be as strong as knowledge of organic chemistry. It wasn’t until recently that people started to test those willing to try their liberal arts degrees in the fast-paced world of medicine and found them successful.

Advice for Humanities Majors in Medical School

First, you’re going to explain the gap between your knowledge in medicine and what you learned for your undergraduate degree.

For example, English majors acquire the best skills in research and communication. Focusing on your strengths and applying them to a future career in medicine is crucial to getting into medical school. There are two sides to being a doctor, anatomy, and humanity. As a humanities major, you have the second half and the first can be acquired more in-depth in medical school.

It’s up to you to prove that you have the capacity to make it, though.

Another important thing to consider is your coursework. You may have met the prerequisites for medical school but it’s silly to go in without a little more. Supplement your prerequisites by taking additional biology classes while you get your humanities degree to strengthen that aspect of your education.

Just like students that study the sciences, you need to supplement your application with mentorships, shadowing experience, and internships. Being able to show you can apply your knowledge in the medical field before you apply will make you look leaps and bounds better than people that just have their biology degree in hand.

The times are changing and you can have a bright future as a doctor, even with that philosophy degree. You just need to do the work and show you have the knowledge and skill to make it as a doctor.

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