Medical Schools with the Lowest acceptance Rates

Medical Schools with the Lowest acceptance Rates

We all dream of attending the best colleges and showing off that Yale or Harvard sweater for the rest of our lives, even more so if you decide to study medicine.

Across the country, there is around 118 medical schools ranked by their acceptance rates. You might be interested in seeing which ones have the lowest acceptance rates (hardest to get in). Some of these schools are well known and on the Ivy League list but others might be new to you.

These schools are known for their excellence and the success of their students, that’s why they can keep such a low acceptance rate.

All of the data below was collected by the U.S. World and News Report

Top 10 Medical Schools with the Lowest Acceptance Rates

1. Mayo Clinic School of Medicine: Rochester, Minn. (1.8 percent)
2. Georgetown University School of Medicine: Washington, D.C. (2.5 percent)
2. University School of Medicine: Stanford California (2.5 percent)
4. Florida State University College of Medicine: Tallahassee (2.6 percent)
4. George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences: Washington, D.C. (2.6 percent)
4. Wake Forest School of Medicine: Winston-Salem, N.C. (2.6 percent)
7. Brown University – Alpert Medical School: Providence, R.I. (2.7 percent)
7. UC Davis School of Medicine: Sacramento, California (2.7 percent)
7. David Geffen School of Medicine: UC Los Angeles (2.7 percent)
10. UC San Diego School of Medicine: San Diego, California (3 percent)

Under a 5 percent acceptance rate is pretty crazy. If you were considering applying to one of these medical schools then you should definitely be prepared with an amazing application in hand and maybe some safety schools to boot.

Fortunately for you, we have provided a number of pages on what to include on your medical school application. In addition, we have suggestions for students looking to greatly increase their experience as well.

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