What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

What Does a Physical Therapist Do

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

The physical therapy field is essential in modern medicine. Physical Therapy (PT) is used to help those with disabilities that originate from a number of incidents. Amputation, partial-paralyzation, muscular under-development, and so many more issues require physical therapy to help re-build muscle, restore mobility, and help people adjust to new movement.

If you’re interested in:

  • Working one-on-one with patients in a hospital, clinic, or PT facility
  • Learning about muscular functions and how to improve the lives of those with lost mobility
  • A career that can build to other positions such as PT administrator, kinesiology, and more

Then a Physical Therapy degree path may be perfect for you.

The Daily Tasks of a Physical Therapist

*Note that not all these tasks will be required, Likewise, there are other tasks that can be included that are not listed.

  • Evaluation of a patient’s mobility issues, their progress, and creation of a treatment plan.
  • Thoroughly explaining the proper techniques one can use to work on their mobility process. This can include exercises for at home, or for while at the clinic.
  • Helping patients during their exercising. Physically, a PT will help bend and flex muscles and extremities the patient cannot
  • Acting as a motivator throughout the patient-PT process. It is a PT’s job to ensure the patient continues working toward they goal because it is possible to achieve.

Where Can a Physical Therapist Work?

  • Clinics that work specifically with sports and orthopedic injuries.
  • Hospitals treating patients with long-term issues effecting mobility, such as surgeries and neurological damage.
  • Facilities that work with recently injured patients who can continue their recovery at home after PT assistance.
  • In-Patient facilities that work with long-term injured patients who require daily, intensive physical therapy to aid in recovery.

The field of Physical Therapy is considered a sturdy medical field to work in, as new practices are always being developed to help those who need it. More people are using physical therapy as a way form of preventative medicine (such as building back strength to avoid problems later on), making the field grow outside of just those who are injured.

If you’re interested in pursuing a Physical Therapy degree, check out our list of schools in your state and see what works for you.

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