Preventative Medicine and Wellness in Medical Schools

Preventative Medicine and Wellness in Medical Schools

Preventative medicine has become the focus medical school around the country. Universities, especially those of high prestige, are now experiencing this paradigm shift in full bloom. The Southern California Permanente Medical Group hosted a panel about the implications of changing medical education to reflect, not only better techniques, but also better engagement with patients and how simple education and commitment could save lives.

It might seem like the media is misconstruing ideas that doctor’s simply don’t have time or don’t care about their patients. This thought simply isn’t true. However, the fault may rest in their education and how medical schools structure preventative care.

Before, doctors were trained to treat a patient and send them on their way. Now, doctors are taking the time to show patients what they can change about their lifestyle to prevent infection after injury, the growth of cancerous tumors found in their bodies, and how to prevent diabetes after a relative has been diagnosed.

It seems like this shift has made dramatic difference in the way patients go about their lives when they leave the hospital. The panel also talked about how medical school can create a more organized system to help inform the community as a whole in a way that is more efficient and uniform.

This type of preventative medicine is a way of educating the community when students have graduated and become doctors. This uniformity in education plays a vital role to the process. By developing programs that allow students from low-income households, learn, and give back to their community, they help these areas grow their knowledge and “Preventative Medicine,” which has a greater impact on the health of that community.

While research is still being conducted on the nature of preventative medicine, it’s still worth noting that programs that already exist need to continue and have their funding increased.

You can learn more about the impact of wellness and preventative medicine by visiting the American College of Preventative Medicine.

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