Top 5 Reasons to Take a Break during Medical School

Unfortunately, not all medical students become doctors; some drop out due to a variety of reasons. This isn’t normally a common occurrence, as the MCAT is meant to assess an individual’s ability to graduate medical school and become a successful resident. Despite their exceptional skills, medical students sometimes feel burnt out, depressed, and eventually leave because of the time-consuming nature of medical school. This is why taking a break can present you with some unique opportunities.

5 Reasons Students Take a Break from Medical School

    Mental Health

    Med-school is very demanding of your time and resources. Sometimes students begin to feel depressed, overwhelmed, and afraid. These feeling can not only affect your academic performance, but also your ability to function as a fully-fledged doctor. For this reason, students take a break from medical school to regain their focus and rest.

    Do You Want to Become a Doctor?

    Even if you can handle the course load and all the pressures expected of you to become a doctor, you might not even want it. Some students have been pushed into these roles, even when it’s not their true passion. Taking time away from all of the distracting assignments can give you an opportunity to decide if you are doing this for yourself or for your parents, friends, or significant other.

    Gaining Experience

    Another reason to consider taking a break from medical school is to reach out to internship programs or hospital jobs. This will set you apart from other students for residency applications.

    Receive a Second Degree

    For the same reason as taking on an internship during your break, you could also achieve a second degree in an associated field that will make you look better on your application.

    Letters of Recommendation

    Sometimes students find that their credentials for residency applications are very bland. They need letters of recommendations to better their chances of becoming a resident doctor. You can take a break from medical school to make new connections that will write you a letter for your dedication.

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