Who Should Obtain Phlebotomy Training Online?

About Phlebotomy Training Online Courses

More perspective students are considering a career in phlebotomy. It used to be registered nurses and medical assistants were trained to draw blood, but today, with increasing needs and a growing population of seniors, more clinics and hospitals are opting to hire full-time phlebotomists.

Phlebotomists draw blood from patients and analyze the samples for signs of disease, viruses and microorganisms. It takes a certain kind of person to break into this career. Here are a few attributes that any aspiring phlebotomist should have.

Phlebotomy Training Online: Compassion

Plenty of people are terrified of needles. If you plan on getting phlebotomy training online, keep in mind you will eventually be working with patients. Having an ability to comfort children and adults who dread the thought of a needle piercing their vein will make life a lot easier for you and the patients.

Phlebotomy Training Online: Attention to Detail

Drawing blood is not as easy as it sounds and the smallest mistake could cause a lot of discomfort for your patient. Anyone who has ever had a needle inserted incorrectly knows how much it can hurt. Severe cases can even lead to a lawsuit. Phlebotomists are also tasked with labeling blood samples and mislabeling a sample can lead to all sorts of problems – none of which are easy to deal with. These problems are easily avoided if you have the right training and good attention to detail.

Phlebotomy Training Online: Analytical Skills

Analyzing blood samples is yet another aspect of the job. Disease, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms are swimming around in the bloodstream and a critical eye for analysis will ensure you can spot the big issues before sending the specimen off to a laboratory physician. Obtaining phlebotomy training online will help students hone their analytical skills.

Phlebotomy Training Online: Do You Have What it Takes?

If the above skills match your personality, it may be time to consider phlebotomy as a career. Training programs can run anywhere from four months to two years. Pursuing phlebotomy training online could be a good option for those looking to gain certification quickly and embark on a new career in the medical realm.

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