Medical School Interview Tips

The best way to find out if a school is right for you is by meeting a representative in the flesh. There might have been a specific medical school you had in mind when you started your undergraduate degree but you never know if the philosophy and support of a school will match your own. It’s important if offered the chance, to interview with multiple schools. At the very least, you can see what they have to offer. Read the tips below to ensure your medical school interview will be both an enriching experience and something you can look back on with pride.

Medical School Interview Tips: A Student’s Guide

Before your medical school interview, you should arrive at the school and find the office one day prior to ensure you’re not late. You should also use the bathroom before going into your interview to avoid a situation where you try to rush through the interview just to use the restroom. Also, take the time to prepare what you’re going to say and research the most common questions asked by this institution in the past.

During the interview, remember the people assessing you are putting you under a microscope. They’re trying to evaluate what makes you a good candidate. Simply knowing this can make anyone nervous. The way to overcome any anxieties is to prepare for any and all likely questions that are bound to arise. You need to thoroughly research why you would be a good fit for their school and what set’s you apart as a student.

You also want to convey compassion in both your demeanor and your application. You don’t want to give a generic answer to the question, “Why you want to go to our medical school?” You need to identify why you want to “help people”. Tell them a story about your personal life and set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd.

You should be aware that your medical school interview might target gaps and discrepancies in your application. You need to be able to spin them in such a way that you can address their questions and show them you’ve learned from your mistakes. They understand people make errors. However, it’s the way a person adapts and learns from these errors that make them great at what they do.

The ultimate goal is to show them, in a short amount of time, what makes you a great candidate for their institution. You have your personal statement and you should be able to give a meaningful explanation for each and every item.

You know why you’ve set out to accomplish this ambitious goal. Now tell them why you’re here and what you can bring to the table that other students can’t.

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