Is Biology a Good Major for Premed?

If you’re thinking about premed and want to know what major you should take on then you’ve come to the right place. Many people will tell you that Chemistry and Biology are two of the best premed majors you can study to help you in medical school. Not only do these majors reflect some of the core concepts you’ll dive in upon entering medical school but you’ll also be able to gauge your ability as a student to take in these concepts and determine if medical school is right for you.

Majoring in Biology for Premed

Recent surveys suggest that, in many regards, it doesn’t matter what you major in as long as you meet all the requirements. If you’re passionate and have strong work ethic, you’re likely to succeed no matter what you study. However, majoring in Biology does have a lot of benefits you should consider.

What many medical schools look for in an applicant is someone that’s intelligent. A direct way to show your capabilities is by majoring in Biology. It’s true that you can major in the humanities and still get into medical school but showing an aptitude for a difficult major helps show off your brain power.

Another benefit to majoring in Biology is gaining a familiarity with the human anatomy. Medical school is going to be much more in-depth when it comes to Biology concepts. However, becoming more knowledgeable in the fundamentals will help you go far in medical school.

There is also a convenience factor that you might enjoy as a Biology student. Many of the medical prerequisites you need are also prerequisites for your bachelor’s in Biology. Students that major in the humanities have to take these classes in addition to their major’s courses. This will give you much more flexibility when it comes to completing all the necessary classes.

Obviously, you should study what you’re passionate about and consider that medical schools look at your GPA. In this case, your GPA might lower because your major is more difficult.

Taking all these things into consideration, you should be able to choose a premed major that works for you.

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