5 Crucial Medical School Interview Tips

5 Major Medical School Interview Tips

You’ve done it. After spending countless nights draped over an MCAT study book and designating nearly a dozen personal statement drafts in the trash pail, the home stretch to medical school admissions season seems just around the corner.

But there’s one looming obstacle to conquer before you find a coveted acceptance letter to your dream medical school waiting in the mailbox. And it’s going to require you to ditch those ratted sweats you’ve sworn by through MCAT prepping for a sleek wardrobe and gleaming smile.

The medical school interview. Of all the requirements to getting accepted to med school, the interview may be one of the most uniquely dreadful. After spending countless hours compiling a near-perfect resume, GPA and MCAT score, you’re now expected to dazzle admissions teams with your impeccable style, grace and skill.

But we can’t all be expert actors or actresses, and each interview will require an extensive amount of thought and planning. Because of all the medicals school interview tips that are likely to emerge throughout the application process, diligence and prepping will reign supreme.

Medical School Interview Tips: #1

Come prepared.

Never underestimate the power of research, planning and preparation before any medical school interview. Be ready to discuss all of your beaming credentials, extracurricular activities and various medical projects.
Another example of forgotten medical school interview tips? Be sure to thoroughly research the school you’ll be interviewing at, including curriculum, mission and staff.

Medical School Interview Tips: #2

Take your time.

As with any kind of interview, whether it be for medical school or a potential career, the timing and context of your words are vastly important. While you should always be ready to think and actively speak on the fly, don’t be afraid to pause and consider the question – and your words – before rambling.

Medical School Interview Tips: #3

Be the interviewer – not just the interviewee.

Medical school interviews should be a discussion rather than an interrogation. Come prepared to take stands on particular issues, and showcase your passion and intrigue for the medical field.

Medical School Interview Tips: #4

Be professional.

This last step should go without saying. Interviews are the quintessential backbone to the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Your actions, dialogue and dress should reflect your desire to win the respect of the medical school you’re applying for.

Be sure to pick a conservative, neutral and professional outfit for your interview. Women – avoid any gaudy, eye-catching jewelry or extensive make-up, and ensure your hair is pushed back from your face. Men – avoid casual shoes at all cost and shine them well.

Medical School Interview Tips: #5

Consider the obvious.

When immersed in an interview, one of the most forgotten medical school interview tips also tends to be one of the most obvious: why are you applying to (insert school name here), and what is your interest in the medical field?

If you can’t answer these questions automatically, consider if a career in the medical field is right for you.

And if you’re interested in the kinds of attire and interview questions a medical school interview might be associated with, be sure to explore our various other medical school interview tips, tricks and preparation.

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