Ways to Benefit from a Gap Year in Medical School

A gap year is a time between having successfully completed your undergraduate degree and entering medical school. Depending on what you want in life, a gap year could also be longer than a year. Overall, don’t think of this as a time to slouch off. Many pre-medical college graduates take this time to improve on a few things so they look better on their medical school applications and interviews. This is an important time to take a direct approach to the medical field. The best thing to remember is that a gap year is not a time for stagnancy; rather it’s a time for professional growth and development.

3 Ways to Benefit from Your Gap Year

Debt Management
College is nowhere near as expensive as medical school, but it’s still very costly. Many students utilize their gap year to find positions with hospitals or medical research facilities and apply their new income to their current debt. In this way, you can gain valuable experience, look great for your medical school applications, and start paying off your debts in one move.

Study for the MCAT Exam
The MCAT exam is another intimidating aspect of entering medical school. This test is meant to assess the knowledge you’ve gained from your undergraduate degree and determine if you meet the standards for entering medical school and ultimately residency. Some students use their gap year to study for this exam and make sure they have the knowledge necessary to receive exceptional scores. Most medical schools only accept applicants that do exceedingly well on this test.

Focus on Your GPA
Another thing that students tend to do with their gap year is improving their GPA. They usually take summer courses in easier areas, such as the arts, and use these classes as a way to improve their overall GPA. Medical schools often accept an applicant from their GPA; so students strive to make their grades reflect a flawless work ethic. Make sure that in addition to the previous tips, to use a gap year to bolster your GPA as well. Your grades reflect your knowledge and work ethic; you need to make sure your grades are top-notch before entering medical school.

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