Tips to Make Your Third Year before Medical School Easy

Pre-medical school comes with a lot of unnecessary fears and anxieties. Not only are you a college student, but you’re studying to achieve one of the most difficult professions in the world. Anyone would be a little jarred at first, but it’s your third year and you’re used to the rhythm of your studies and course load. However, there are a few things you can do to make your third year organized and efficient. With these tips, you can have more time for studying and leisure.

Tips to Simplify Your Third Year of Pre-Medical School

  • Create a Monthly Planner
  • You’re going to have a lot of assignments, tests, and projects to keep track of this year. The first half of school was simply about building on fundamental concepts for your major. Now you’re entering the third year, you should really buckle down. Organization is something that helps you store and remember crucial elements to succeeding in college. It will also put you in the mindset to keep other aspects of life in order. Use a monthly planner to chart out all of your assignments and plan for some leisure time so you can relax knowing everything is complete.

  • Taking Art Electives
  • Many medical schools are starting to diversify their applicants by accepting more well-rounded students. This is your chance to kill two birds with one stone. Medical Schools want exceptional GPAs and students that have excelled in more than just science, so take some art courses as well. This will help raise your GPA and give you an edge over a person that strictly studied science and has a lower GPA because of it.

  • Pre-Medical School Advisors
  • This year you’re going to have a new best friend, your medical school advisor. Along with being a well-spring of knowledge, they can also guide you through the hardships you may experience. You might be struggling with a class just to find out you don’t need it. This is a time when most students begin to question their classes, degrees, and grades. Your advisor has seen many pre-medical college students and has guided them through all of these fears. If you have any question about your credits, schedule, or items that would look better for your medical school application. The third year is the best time to start getting to know your advisor better.

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