Things to Consider during Your Third Year before Medical School

You’re quickly approaching medical school and half your undergraduate degree has already been completed. There are a few options out there to make the rest of your college experience easier, faster, and overall less stressful. Many college students begin to panic as they think about GPA, the MCAT and applying to medical school. You’re probably in good shape, but there are some tips to help relieve that anxiety you’re feeling. After all, nothing alleviates stress like being prepared for what comes next.

The Third Year before Medical School

Assuming that all of your courses are in order and that your GPA is exceptional, you should also consider planning ahead with these few items.

Applying to Medical School
A lot of medical students are applying to schools after their third and fourth year. It takes a year for the application process to go through, so if you don’t want to have a “Gap Year” then you’ll probably be applying by the end of your third year. This means you have two semesters to plan out what you want to say on your medical school application. It seems sort of abrupt, especially since you’ve only been going to school for two years, but it’s something important to think over.

Start Thinking about the MCAT
Students usually take the MCAT exam a full calendar year before they plan on going to medical school, which means you should study for this test before the end of your third year. The MCAT is a multiple-choice test that assesses your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It’s usually broken up into a few different sections of biology, behavior, and chemistry. It’s never too early to start brushing up on these facts and preparing yourself for the test.

Sticking with a Major
By now you probably have a good idea about what major you want to finish your undergraduate degree with. Year three seems to be the tipping point to really lock in your major. So far you have studied very general courses of biology and chemistry but there is still time to make a slight change to your major and not have any drastic repercussions. You should really consider and then know what your degree is going to be by the end of the first semester of your third year.

By understanding these important topics, you’re sure to make your third year before medical school successful and efficient.

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