Five Important Qualities That Make a Good X Ray Tech

So you’re thinking about becoming an x ray tech, but you’re not sure you have what it takes to succeed. Well, the best in the business all have a few things in common, not the least of which is a good education.

But it takes a combination of academic prowess and personal attributes to thrive in a demanding profession. Here are the five most important qualities every x ray tech should have.

becoming an x ray tech

1. Compassion

You’ll be working with patients of all ages and backgrounds and many times, they are more than a little nervous about having their x ray image taken. It takes a certain amount of compassion to help people feel a little more comfortable about medical procedures and you’ll have to be adept at dealing with patients in high stress situations. Keeping people calm and helping to soothe fears and apprehension is an invaluable part of the job being able to do that effectively will keep you in high demand.

2. Technical Skill

The equipment used by x ray techs is highly sensitive and complicated and it’s getting more advance every day. Today’s technicians must be able to adapt and work with any equipment on the market. This also requires some continuing education to stay up on the latest industry technology and trends. It also takes plenty of technical skill to produce the highest quality images possible to help physicians recognize and diagnose medical issues.

3. Knowledge

Being a good x ray tech required the kind of knowledge that comes with a high quality education. Picking the right school is the most important step on your path toward a new career. Obtaining an associate degree will prepare students to enter the field in roughly 18 months. The rest of the knowledge you’ll need will be obtained through workplace experience and and continuing education.

4. Stamina

One of the first lessons you’ll learn as an x ray tech is the necessity of wearing comfortable shoes. Technicians spend most of their shift on their feet and must mover around and lift heavy equipment. Sometimes, techs need to move and turn patients who have very little mobility. Sometimes, technicians work in emergency situations, which requires fast action and outstanding patient care.

5. Attention to Detail

This is among the most important qualities of a radiology technician. Professionals must be able to spot any possible issue that may need the attention of a physician. That means producing top-quality images and properly analyzing those images to spot potential issues that need to be brought to the attention of a skilled physician. That attention to detail is also needed in regards to the equipment and the need to properly spot issues and have the equipment repaired.

Building Your Skills

Even if you don’t possess all the qualities mentioned above, you can work on those skills through a quality education and personal growth. Working to build your skills and obtain a degree through an accredited program will help you build a rewarding career in x ray technology.


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