What Not to Put on Your Medical School Application

What Not to Put on Your Medical School Application

Each year, hundreds of prospective medical students agonize over what they should put on their school applications. Some get so frazzled that they sabotage themselves before they can even be presented with the opportunity of a lifetime.

Filling out an application doesn’t have to feel tantamount to disarming a bomb, but there are definitely certain things you should avoid when you present yourself to schools. Before you put pen to paper or finger to keyboard, we’ll examine exactly what not to put on your application.

List of What Not to Put on your Medical School Application

The following information can be used as a guideline for what not to put on your medical school application.

Avoid Political Stances and Beliefs

Nothing can ruin a conversation faster than delving into religion or politics. The same goes for a medical school application. Avoiding these sometimes touchy and controversial subjects is HIGHLY recommended.

Avoid Negative Grades and Tests

If you’ve received a response to your application, there’s a high probability the school is already well aware of your grades and test scores. There’s no reason to put a spotlight on negative ones with explanations or excuses. If you have to cross that bridge, do it when you get there.

Avoid Repetition and Generalities

The application is a formal document. As such, you should avoid redundancies and generalities that can get your application lumped in with the rest of the pack. This is your first chance to show schools who you really are, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Avoid Comedy and Satire

You may be the funniest person you know, but your medical school application isn’t the place to work out your material. Just as your appearance should be conservative and understated during your prospective interview session, your sense of humor should be too.

Above all, you’ve gotten this far with hard work and dedication, and that’s what should stand out on your application. Avoid smoke and mirrors when talking about yourself and allow your accomplishments to do the talking.

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