5 Secrets for Effective Ultrasound Technician Training

Ultrasound technician training is a great way to get into a rewarding career and start earning a very decent living. Unfortunately, too many people jump into a training program without weighing all their options.

This costly mistake could leave you with thousands of dollars in debt and a worthless degree that no respectable hospital or credentialing agency will even look at. On the other hand, graduating from an accredited program will have you ready to enter the job market making as much as $71,000 a year.

Here are 5 things you need to do to make sure you are going into the right program.

ultrasound technician training secrets

1. Set Yourself up for Fast Success

If you enroll in an accredited 2-year associate degree program, you could be on the job in two years making a killer salary. Want to break in even faster? See if any ultrasound technician training schools in your are offer accelerated programs and graduate even faster.

2. Further Your Education While Working

Too many people go straight for the 4-year bachelor’s degree and end up living off ramen noodles while collecting a mountain of student loan debt. Don’t make this mistake. Earn your two-year degree quickly and work toward that bachelor’s degree after you land a job in ultrasound technology. Going to night school while working full time is a serious commitment, but one that will pay real dividends in terms of earning potential career trajectory.

3. Specialize in a Growing Area

Ultrasounds aren’t just used on pregnant women anymore. You can put yourself in a great position by specializing in a growing area. For instance, the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography offers credentials in several areas, such as cardiac sonography, which will be in high demand with an increasing aging population in the United States.

4. Get Credentialed

The exams administered by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography are known in the industry as the “ADRMS” and they are absolutely crucial to your career development. Once you complete your ultrasound technician training, you’ll be eligible to sit for the exams (unless you attended a non-accredited school). Most ultrasoud professionals receive the RDMS designation, or Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. However the Registered Diagnostic cardiac Sonographer (RDCS) designation is gaining steam. Technicians who want to specialize in taking sonograph images of the heart typically take this exam.

5. Make the Schedule Work for You

You don’t have to spend eight hours a day on campus. Today, you can make the school schedule work for you. While no accredited program can be offered completely online, you can always take a few courses on the web. Mix things up and take a few evening classes combined with some online ultrasound technician training. This will make it much easier to meet outside scheduling commitments, like work and family.

Getting Started

Now that your path is laid out, it’s time to really start researching schools to determine which ones will really meet your needs and prepare you for a rewarding career in the medical field. Embarking on a fulfilling career will feel much easier once you know what direction to head in.

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