Ultrasound Technician Schools in Texas: What You Need to Know

Top ultrasound technician schools in texas

Attending an ultrasound technician school in Texas can help put you on the right track toward a fulfilling career. The ultrasound arena is becoming an increasing popular option thanks to expanding job opportunities and a growing salary potential.

Of course, the first step toward becoming a certified ultrasound technology professional is choosing a good school. The right educational program makes all the difference. Here are a few of the top ultrasound technician schools in Texas.

1. Tyler Junior College

Tyler Junior College offers a two-year Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in diagnostic medical sonography. Students entering this program will have access to quality facilities and gain experience working directly with patients. Tyler Junior College’s diagnostic medical sonography program is also accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

2. Texas Southmost College 

Texas Southmost College offers one of the highest quality ultrasound technician schools in Texas. As part of the University of Texas at Brownsville, Southmost offers a two-year A.A.S. degree in diagnostic medical sonography and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

3. Sanford-Brown

The Sanford Brown Institute in Dallas attracts students form all over the state and has earned a reputation for providing a top-notch ultrasound education. The school trains students in various areas of medical sonography, providing state-of-the-art facilities and real-world experience.

4. Midland College

Midland College also offers an A.A.S. degree in diagnostic medical sonography. The school combines classroom training with professional experience to help prepare students for a career in the ultrasound medical field.

5. The College of Health Care Professions

Also well-known among ultrasound technician schools in Texas is the College of Health Care Professionals in Houston. This program offers comprehensive courses in a professional medical environment.

Further Considerations

The above-named ultrasound schools in Texas are only a small sample of the programs available to students.

Before you apply to a program, take a close look at all the schools in your area. Make sure the program you choose is accredited by a reputable agency that is recognized by hospitals and clinics.

The program you choose should be able to provide you with vital statistics, such as the percentage of graduates working in the field within six months as well as the job placement success rate.

You’ll also want to get in to tour some campuses to see first hand what type of facilities and medical equipment will be available to students. Outdated equipment, or a lack of equipment completely should throw up some red flags.

Once you’ve narrowed you search down, it’s time to apply to your desired program. It’s important to make sure you have all the required documentation for each school you apply for. Every school tends to vary sightly, so read the guidelines carefully. Applications usually cost money and turning in an incomplete application could end with your admission being denied and money wasted.

Don’t for get to apply early, be ready to turn in your application on the first day the school begins accepting them. This is an important part of preparing for your career in ultrasound sonography.



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