Transitioning to Medical School

Transitioning to Medical School

Making the transition from traditional college student to medical student can be a challenging one for anyone. After all, medical school is perhaps the biggest personal and financial investment you’ll ever make, so it’s natural to feel some angst and trepidation. Luckily, there are thousands of students who have successfully made the transition to medical school and many more will come after you.

If you’re getting ready to make the leap to medical school, you can begin making preparations for the transition now.

Making the Transition to Medical School

One of the most important things you can do as you make the transition to medical school is try to enter school with as little debt as possible. The lower the amount of debt you enter medical school with means a lower amount you’ll have to pay back once it’s over. If it simply isn’t possible to pay off all of your debt, attempt to pay down the debts that have the highest interest rates first.

Once you’re ready to start school, it’s important to know where the financial aid office is. During your time in school, it’s very likely you’ll be a frequent visitor to the office. Financial aid administrators are available to help you with all your inquiries, and can help you make wise decisions when it comes to loans and other assistances. Financial aid officers can prove to be as valuable as professors during your stay in medical school.

As a medical student, you will have to learn about money management rather quickly. You can expect to be on a rather tight budget as you endure the rigors of school. Though it’s true you won’t have much time for entertainment, it’s very possible you won’t have much money for it anyway.

Above all, reach out to people when you need assistance. Your classmates are going through the same thing you are. Talk to them regularly, see if you can pool your resources, and most of all, work together to maximize both the learning and life experience that is medical school!

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