Top 5 Medical Schools to Consider

You’re at a point where you should consider which school you’ll want to send your applications. You should probably choose a few, in case your dream medical school doesn’t pan out. However, it is worth noting which medical schools rank the highest in the United States. Some of the best residency programs consider the medical institution you attended and use that as their main determinate. Obviously you have to consider schools that are affordable and speak to you. Although, it never hurts to know which medical schools rank the highest.

The Top 5 List and Annual Tuition

#1 Harvard University
Averages $54,200

#2 Stanford University
Averages $50,715

#3 Johns Hopkins University
Averages $47,250

#4 University of California-San Francisco
Averages $32,106

#5 University of Pennsylvania
Averages $50,444

What You Should Consider When Choosing a Medical School

Regardless of whether or not you go to these top schools, you should consider a few things before selecting any medical school. What you can afford is definitely going to be your chief concern. You can obviously save a lot of money by attending a medical school that is in your hometown. Another thing to consider is the opportunities for experience and jobs in the surrounding area. You’re already in a highly competitive field, so you want to choose a medical school that has a booming economy of hospitals, medical research facilities, and any other institution of interest. Make sure that after medical school you have multiple opportunities to attain a good residency program or another career. Researching the surrounding areas of medical schools will prove beneficial to you in the long run.

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