Things to Consider Going from High School to Pre-Med

Becoming a doctor is a great aspiration to have. If you are someone passionate about this profession and studying all the related fields then the next step will be pre-med college. First weigh all of your options and really consider if you want to be a doctor. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve this goal, but there are a few ways you can start preparing while you’re still in high school.

Tips for High School Students Entering Pre-Med

College Credits
If you are still in high school and looking into pre-med programs, consider these options to prepare for your future journey. Math and science classes are the most significant aspects. If you can take AP or college-level math and science classes and acquire college credits for your intended pre-med college, you can drastically reduce your overall cost of school. Speak to your high school advisor about these options. There is often a registration process, but it’s definitely worth the paperwork to take these classes early and start earning credits.

Extracurricular Activities
Another way to help your chances is by gaining experience in related fields. Getting a job at your local hospital, even a small position, will look great on your application to med-school further down the line. Likewise, pre-med college programs are a great way to enhance your resume. Since you’re still in high school you have plenty of time to perfect your application credentials. Programs can include anything from shadowing a doctor to working in a lab. Building relationships with professionals in the field will help you succeed in pre-med college. These mentors can guide you through the day-to-day operations of being a doctor and perhaps even write you a letter of recommendation while you’re still in high school.

Choosing a Pre-Med College
Most colleges in the United States offer the required prerequisites needed for med-school. Some things you want to consider when picking a pre-med college are: ranking, nearby hospitals, lab facilities, and if you know anyone in the field around that college. By choosing a pre-med college with an abundance of hospitals nearby, you give yourself the opportunity for internships, jobs, and eventually careers in a highly competitive field.

How These Tips Help High School Students Transition into Pre-Med School

Staying ahead of the crowd is important when entering a competitive field of study. Every other student is vying for jobs and opportunities that will make them look amazing on medical school applications. By preparing yourself in high school, you have a lot of time and resources to do the same.

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