Medical Schools Admissions Timeline

medical schools admissions timeline

It’s common knowledge that attending medical school is a lengthy and strenuous process, but there’s plenty of work you have to do before you even set foot in a medical classroom. The medical schools admission timeline typically begins from the time you first enroll in college, but the process really ramps up in your junior year.

While the medical school admission process may seem a bit overwhelming, with proper preparation and time allocation, it can be easier than you think!

General Medical Schools Admissions Timeline

The following is a general medical schools admissions timeline. All schools may vary and this general medical schools admissions timeline should merely be used as a guideline. This estimated timeline is also for those who plan on attending medical school immediately upon graduation from college.

Junior Year – Fall

This is the time that you need to begin thinking about the Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT. Your MCAT score is one of the most important things you’ll include on your medical school application. You should begin planning to take and making preparations for the MCAT at this point in your education.

Junior Year – Late Winter/Early Spring

This is the time when you will want to register for the MCAT. The registration fee is generally just under $300.00, so be prepared to have money set aside for it.

Junior Year – Spring

By this point you will be ready to take the MCAT. Taking it by spring of your junior year will give you ample time to register for the test again if you aren’t happy with your score. Upon completion of the MCAT, you should begin researching medical schools if you haven’t begun to do so already.

Junior Year – Late Spring

In late spring of your junior year, you should begin compiling personal recommendations. These recommendations are another critical aspect of your application, so getting a jump on them at this point in the timeline is highly recommended.

Summer Break

You can retake the MCAT during your summer break/vacation if you need to.  The summer is also when you should complete your med school application through AMCAS.

Senior Year – Fall

By fall of your senior year, you should begin hearing from medical schools if they approve of your application. Once you’ve been contacted, you’ll likely be asked to pen essays for respective schools. You can also begin preparing to go on interviews at this point.

Senior Year – Winter/Spring

The end of your senior year is the final stage in the medical schools admissions timeline. Invitations and rejections will arrive and you’ll decide where you plan on attending medical school. Classes will then generally begin in August.

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