Foundational Concept 1: Content Category 1D

Foundational Concept 1 Content Category 1D

Content category 1D inside foundational concept 1 of the Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems section of the MCAT exam primarily focuses on the principles of bioenergetics as well as fuel molecule metabolism. Category 1D is the last of the four content categories within foundational concept 1.

Overview of Foundational Concept 1, Category 1D

All living things get energy from fuel molecules in a controlled manner to sustain all of the processes required for maintaining life. However, both cell maintenance and growth is costly energetically. Cells take energy from carbs and fatty acids stored in fuel molecules and convert it into adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. The hydrolysis of ATP provides sources of energy that can be paired with other chemical processes in order to be more favorable. Transportation, storage and molecule mobilization are regulated according to the needs of the organism. This is just some of the information you will be required to know for category 1D in concept 1.

The following illustration provides a complete overview of all of the topics and subtopics you can expect to see in content category 1D inside foundational concept 1:

Foundational Concept 1: Content Category 1D

Photo: Association of American Medical Colleges

This information can be used as a guide when preparing to complete category 1D inside foundational concept 1. You can get more information by speaking directly with faculty members and pre-med advisors. Questions in category 1D may vary from test to test.

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