Top 5 Highest-Paying Specialties

It’s common for students in their third year of medical school to choose a specialty. You want to choose something that really speaks to your skills and that you feel comfortable doing as your career. Another major factor that soon-to-be-doctors should take into consideration is pay. Along with your passion and what you enjoy doing as a doctor, your salary is also something that affects you in a significant way. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your med-school training and you want to make sure you have the means to both live comfortably and pay back your student loans. Of course, the number one thing to consider is what specialty is fulfilling, but it never hurts to know the highest-paying specialties.

Forbes’ List of the Top 5 Highest-Paying Specialties

  • Orthopedic Surgery: $464,500
  • Cardiology (Invasive): $461,364
  • Cardiology (Non-Invasive): $447,143
  • Gastroenterology: $441,421
  • Urology: 424,091

Why Choosing One of the Highest-Paying Specialties Can Help You

Thinking proactively about your specialty is a way for you to start managing your debt and build the foundations for a great life when you start residency. By keeping in mind some of the highest-paying specialties, you will have the opportunity to explore the routines and procedures these doctors perform and can decide if it’s something you’d enjoy. Your first choice should always be something your passionate about, but if that happens to coincide with anything on this list then who could blame you?

Ultimately, you have everything you need to choose a specialty. However, it’s going to be a difficult transition from medical school to residency and you want to make sure you have all the information necessary to achieve your life goals.

Most specialties pay well, you’re going to be a doctor after all. Choose a specialty you can make your dream life with and one that speaks to you as a true passion.

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