Studying Health Policy in Medical School

Science is the first and foremost study when it comes to medical school, there isn’t time for anything else, but should there be? Many young medical students graduate and find themselves in a familiar setting: the tables, the equipment, a helpful staff to support them when they need information. But, there’s something that’s vastly different, the dummy on the bed is now a person.

This might seem like an obvious fact, but medical schools have yet to provide a nice transitional program that comfortably fits them into the fast-paced world of hospital health policy and individual care. Having the knowledge to help someone is crucial, but being able to pass that knowledge on to the patient, so they can help prevent the problem, is another issue altogether.

Studying Health policy in Medical School: Real-World Applications

Schools, like George Washington University, understand the importance of this issue and have spearheaded a program that aims to teach students this essential tool for patient care and disease prevention. The health policy program links common health problems, such as lung and heart disease and shows students that patients are going home to an uncontrolled environment. This program is designed to teach the gravity of this fact. These students are taught common policies that deal with AIDS and HIV as well.

What really sets these programs apart is how they set YOU apart as a residency applicant. Having outstanding grades and shadowing experience may not be enough to gain residency at a top-tier hospital. However, health policy programs like these make your application look that much more attractive to board members.

George Washington University hopes to set an example, as the medical school of the nation’s capital. Looking into similar programs at your school might benefit you in the long-run. Talk to an academic advisor to see if your school offers something similar.

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