Shadowing A Doctor

shadowing doctors

Mirroring a doctor is a fantastic way to help you decide if you should pursue a career in medicine. Shadowing a doctor will give you a complete overview of what it’s like to be one, what the daily grind entails, and invaluable experience that you can use in medical school interviews, the classroom and beyond. The simple act of being in a healthcare environment can go a long way in helping you determine if a career in the industry is right for you.

What To Do When Shadowing A Doctor

If you’re looking for a doctor to work with, you should first ask your own personal physician if there are any shadowing opportunities available. You can also ask professors and advisers if they know of any open field or volunteer opportunities.

Once you’ve found a practice in which you can work, make sure you set a schedule and parameters that you shadow by. The amount of time you work with a physician will generally be agreed upon before your first day, but you can do anywhere from a day, a few hours a day per week, or entire days for months. For those completely dedicated to their pursuit of becoming a doctor, spending an entire week shadowing may be the best route to take.

While shadowing, you should always dress professionally or wear attire agreed upon before the process begins. You should also expect to talk and interact with patients, as doctors will be required to introduce you during daily activities. Some patients may ask you to leave, but others will want to be more interactive. Either way, keeping patient information private at ALL TIMES is an absolute must.

Once shadowing is complete, be sure to thank the doctor for the experience with a note of appreciation. You can also ask the doctor for a letter of recommendation that you can use for secondary applications and interviews in the future.

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