Getting Lab Experience for Medical School

Getting Lab Experience for Medical School

Lab experience is becoming more and more important for prospective medical school students. In fact, many medical schools now require that applicants have at the very least conducted internships during their senior year of college. Working in a lab can also help you determine if a future career in health care is the path you’d like to take.

Finding Lab Opportunities

Finding lab internships and opportunities is probably easy than you think. Students already in college can get in touch with the science department to see if there are any open spots for faculty research projects. You can also tell your pre-health or academic advisor that you would like to be considered for any upcoming openings.

There are times that organizations may host presentations or open houses at schools throughout the year. This is a great way to introduce yourself to these organizations and inquire about internships. While most are on a volunteer basis, there are also paid opportunities available.

When and How to Apply for Lab Experience

If you are looking for experience, an internship or a lab job for the next semester, you should begin looking for open spots at least a week or two before midterms of your current semester. No matter when you want to beginning getting some experience, keep in mind that there are always more opportunities available during the summer.

Once you’ve secured an interview for a position, treat it as you would any job interview. Be sure to dress appropriately, bring any necessary information and paperwork, and make a good impression. Maintain a positive attitude throughout your interview and talk about what makes you an ideal candidate for the position.

After the interview, it’s advised to send a thank you note later in the day or the following day. Thank the interviewer for their time and reinforce your interest in the position.

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