Foundational Concept 5: Content Category 5D

Foundational Concept 5: Content Category 5D

Category 5D within foundational concept 5 of the Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems section of the MCAT exam primarily focuses on the structure, function and reactivity of biologically-relevant molecules. Category 5D is the fourth of five content categories within foundational concept 5.

Overview of Foundational Concept 5, Category 5D

Chemical reactions, such as oligomerization and polymerization, are formed from the structure of the biological molecules. Unique aspects within each type of biological molecules dictates their role in living systems, whether they provide structure or information storage, and whether they serve as fuel and catalysts. This is just some of the information you will be required to know as you take category 5D within foundational concept 5.

Per the Association of American Medical Colleges, the topics and subtopics included in category 5D within foundational concept 5 include (Note: Click on picture and zoom in to see topics and subtopics):

Foundational Concept 5 Content Category 5D

Photo: Association of American Medical Colleges

As illustrated in the graphic, questions derive from the coursework from first-semester biochemistry, two-semester sequence of introductory biology, and two-semester sequence of organic chemistry. Keep in mind that some topics that appear in more than one content list will be treated differently. Questions will also vary from test to test.

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