Arizona School of Health Sciences – Occupational Therapy

Arizona School of Health Sciences – Doctor of Athletic Training

Location: Mesa, AZ
5850 E Still Circle
Mesa, AZ 85206

Phone: 480.219.6000
Site URL:

Admission Consideration Requirements:

  • Undergraduate GPA – 2.75
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum 20 observation hours in the occupational therapy field
  • Two letters of reference, one from an employer and one from a science faculty member
  • Valid CPR certification
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Application Fee of $70

Transcripts from college or university confirming the completion of the following pre-requisites:

  • Biology (4 credits)
  • English (8 credits)
  • Humanities (8 credits)
  • College Algebra or higher (4 credits)
  • Social Sciences (12 credits)
  • Physical Science (4 credits)

Financial Aid

Contact: First in Whole Person Healthcare
Phone Number:  1-866-626-2878 ext. 2529

Financial Aid Stats

Percentage of students receiving financial aid: 94%
Percentage of students receiving loans: 80%
Average indebtedness for graduates who incurred medical school debt: $250,000


Degree: Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

Time: 2 to 3 years

Requirements for Admission: A bachelor’s degree or higher. Certification as an occupational therapist.

Program Courses:

  • Advanced Theory & Philosophy in Occupational Therapy
  • Trends in Occupational Therapy
  • Issues in Diverse Populations and Settings
  • Research Methodology
  • Statistics
  • Evidence-Based Practice I & II for OT Clinicians
  • Holistic School-Based Practice (optional elective)
  • Issues in Pediatric Practice (optional elective)
  • Advances in Sensory Integration Theory & Practice (optional elective)
  • Early Intervention: Working Children 0-3 and Their Families (optional elective)
  • Critical Thinking in Pediatric Intervention (optional elective)
  • Application of Technology in Occupational Therapy Practice (optional elective)
  • Issues in Geriatric Practice (optional elective)
  • Addressing the Needs of the Medically Fragile Child (optional elective)
  • Independent Study (optional elective)
  • Special Topics in Occupational Therapy (optional elective)
  • Pharmacology (optional elective)
  • Health & Wellness (optional elective)
  • Delivery Systems, Legislation, and Regulation (optional elective)
  • Reimbursement Systems, Issues, and Strategies (optional elective)
  • Business Planning (optional elective)
  • School of Health Management Courses (optional elective)
  • AMOT Capstone Experience in Occupational Therapy I, II, III


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