Applying to Medical School as an International Student

Applying to Medical School as an International Student

If you’re thinking about applying for an American medical school as an international student, there are a number of things you need to know. While American schools do accept international students, the process can be a difficult one. In fact, only 77 schools indicated that they would accept applications from international students in 2012.

The International Application Process

Today, the majority of medical schools use AMCAS for the application process. International students will have access to the program, but AMCAS does not allow international transcripts. International students can add this information to their application, but it will not be verified by AMCAS.

AMCAS does provide instructions on how to add transcript information to your application on its website. International students can also provide transcript info on their secondary application if one is requested.

Citizenship Status and Language Preference

When filling out an application, international students must clearly and accurately declare their citizenship and/or visa status. This must be done on both primary and secondary applications. You can also note your primary language and any other languages you are proficient in.

Federal Aid for International Students

International students are not eligible for federal aid in the United States. However, international students are eligible to receive both private loans and institutional loans if they are available. International students in some instances will be required to prove they can pay for their entire education before gaining acceptance.

International Students and the MCATs

International students can take the MCATs at the same times the test is administered to American citizens. No matter which country you’re from or your preferred language, the MCATs are always taken in English. This also applies no matter where you take the test. You must use the name on your government-issued ID to register for the MCATs.

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